Unleashing Adventure: adidas Terrex Joins Forces with Otter African Trail Run

The Otter African Trail Run, known for its rugged Indian Ocean coastline trails, indigenous forests, and breathtaking scenery, has announced a significant partnership with adidas TERREX for its 2023 edition. adidas Terrex, a global leader in outdoor products, will join the prestigious race as the event’s Technical Partner, bringing their innovative gear and shared values to the table.

The Otter African Trail Run, a grueling 42-kilometer race, is renowned among trail runners worldwide for its challenging terrain, river crossings, and thousands of steps. With its spectacular backdrop, and being the only opportunity in the calendar year to run the full Otter Trail,  the race is the pinnacle of the marathon trail distance within the South African outdoor community.

“adidas Terrex is incredibly proud to join the Otter African Trail Run as a technical partner in 2023,” said Kate Woods, Senior Brand Director at adidas South Africa. “The event has gained legendary status among trail runners globally, known for its challenging terrain and breathtaking scenery. It has become a symbol of endurance and adventure in the South African outdoor community. Likewise, adidas TERREX is a Global leader in outdoor products, delivering innovative technical gear which is worn by some of the best athletes and adventurers around the world.”

One of the main reasons behind the partnership is the alignment of values between adidas Terrex and the Otter African Trail Run. Both entities strive to protect the pristine trails they traverse and hold a deep commitment to preserving the environment. adidas Terrex gear is manufactured using upcycled materials, reflecting the shared values of the Otter Trail and its dedication to safeguarding nature.

“The Otter Trail and adidas Terrex are both close to my heart,” said Toni McCann, adidas Terrex One Team member and current Otter Trail course record holder. McCann set a new benchmark time of 4 hours, 33 minutes, and 26 seconds on Saturday, October 8, 2022. “TERREX has played an instrumental role in my performance since joining the team. They ensure that they provide the best support for their athletes, through highs and lows, the tough terrain and challenging conditions, they are there to help. I am so excited for these two brands to come together and elevate the already incredible event in 2023,

While adidas Terrex athletes have dominated the Otter African Trail Run in the past, this year marks the first time adidas Terrex is officially partnering with the event. With grand plans for the future, the collaboration promises to enhance the experience for participants and showcase the cutting-edge technology and style that Terrex brings to the table.

The brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries aligns perfectly with the Otter African Trail Run’s philosophy of empowering participants to choose their own path, navigate the challenging trails and conquer their limits.

The Otter African Trail Run, in collaboration with its new Technical Partner, adidas Terrex, looks forward to an exciting and trailblazing future. As the event continues to captivate trail runners around the world, the partnership will further solidify its position as the ultimate test of endurance and a celebration of the beauty of South Africa’s outdoor landscape.