Sports fuel reinvented – Maurten Announced as 2023 Nutrition Sponsor

We are thrilled to announce that Maurten, with their groundbreaking reinvention of sports fuelling, has come on board as the official nutrition sponsor for the 2023 Otter African Trail Run. Maurten’s Hydrogel technology has revolutionized sports fuel transportation, providing athletes with a game-changing energy source for their working muscles.

Maurten is known for its relentless pursuit of knowledge and continuous innovation, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in sports nutrition. Their patented technology delivers rapidly available and highly tolerable carbohydrates in an optimal ratio of slow burning and fast burning carbohydrates.

In a statement from Maurten South Africa, they express their pride in being the 2023 nutrition sponsor of the Otter African Trail. They believe that by pushing their limits while fueling athletes tackling the demanding Otter African Trail Run, they can truly gauge how far they have come as a brand. The Otter Trail, notorious for exposing an athlete’s weaknesses through its technical terrain, serves as an ultimate test of one’s abilities.

As the 2023 nutrition sponsor, Maurten aims to develop a strategic fueling approach that ensures athletes can focus solely on managing their effort according to their race goals, without worrying about their nutrition. Maurten fueling products will be available for athletes to test pre-race, as well as directly on the course at the halfway mark Munchie Point. 

Maurten’s mission is to enable athletes to give their best performance, and their Hydrogel technology plays a crucial role in achieving this. By providing a reliable and efficient energy source, Maurten ensures that every last ounce of energy can be put straight back into conquering the trail ahead.