RETTO Prologue has been revealed


The Stormsriver Prologue for the OTTER African Trail Run – which will start in Nature’s Valley and finish at the Stormsriver Mouth has been revealed during last week’s OTTER Launch. With the OTTER being raced for the very first time from West to East, it had been NICnamed to the RETTO  (OTTER spellt backwards to RETTO).

With the change in direction of the race all logistics, including the race Prologue will be moved to Stormsriver Restcamp. Tsitsikamma Stormsriver National Park becomes the Registration Venue as well as the place for all race ceremonies.

The prologue is a short run (4.8km) on similar terrain and technicality as the race itself. The Completion of the  Prologue is very much a part of the Otter Events and its inclusion, and function in the seeding process for the main run has been well received by participants in previous Otter Runs.  “The Abangeni” (see below)  is intended to ensure that the runner who crosses the finish line first is the winner of The Otter.

The Abangeni *

In order to be eligible for a place on the podium in the open category and entitled to the relevant prize money, a participant will have to complete the  Prologue within 4 minutes of the fastest  athlete and within the top 25 athletes .  This top group of contenders will be known as “The Abangeni” (The Challengers) and will start in one bunch. A 4 minute delay will follow the departure of “The Abangeni” after which the rest of the field will be started off in groups of 4 participants according to the ranking of their prologue results in thirty second intervals as per in past events.

The Woman’s Abangeni will also include up to 25 female athletes who post the a prologue time within 4 minutes of the fastest woman.  The Woman’s Abangeni will start together according to the overall ranking of the prologue time posted by the fastest Woman. The Abangeni and starting groups will be posted at final race briefing.

The prologue IS compulsory for all athletes.


* rules to the race are subject to change.