R 100 000 for Record Time

Sub 4-hour time to be rewarded with bonus

Organisers and sponsors of the OTTER African Trail Run, to be held on the 22nd of September this year, have put up a bonus prize of R100 000 to the first individual to finish the 2014 OTTER in less than four hours.

The OTTER is a marathon distance trail event set in the backdrop of the Tsitsikama forest on South Africa’s most renowned hiking trail, and is the only opportunity in which this famous trail is opened up to runners. Commonly known as ‘the Grail of Trail, the OTTER has established itself as South Africa’s premium trail running event.

The OTTER is run in alternating directions every year, creating two differing runs known as the OTTER Classic and the OTTER Retto (Otter spelled backwards). This year will see the Retto edition (West to East) of the race being run, which was first introduced in 2012 and is running its second edition this year.

Race director Mark Collins explained the thinking behind the incentive: “Over the past few years, the record winning time in the OTTER run has been steadily making its way towards the four-hour mark. This year, the R100 000 bonus aims to push athletes to achieve what was previously inconceivable. To witness an athlete run either the race in less than four hours would be something truly special and we’re more than happy to reward that effort.”

Previous OTTER Winners:

Year Race  Men’s Winner  Time Ladies Winner  Time
2010 Classic Iain Don Wauchope 4:59:02 Sue Don Wachope 5:58:07
2011 Classic Ryan Sandes 4:40:15 Sue Don Wachope 5:17:12
2012 Retto Iain Don Wauchope 4:23:24 Krissy Moehl (USA) 5:25:59
2013 Classic Ricky Lightfoot (UK) 4:15:27 Ruby Muir (NZ) 4:55:48