Greater Rewards Favour the Boldest Investor

In the world of trail running, extolled as the Grail of Trails, the Otter African Trail Run attracts the most dedicated runners. Regarded as the hardest trail marathon on the continent, this iconic race draws the attention of trail enthusiasts from every corner of the globe. Such is the race’s allure that securing an entry becomes a coveted achievement, highlighting the scarcity of this annual opportunity to run the full Otter Trail in a single day. 

This year, thanks to the generous contribution from its presenting partner, EasyEquities, the enticement to race the Otter has been raised a notch higher, with greater rewards for those athletes who push beyond their physical limits to break records and conquer the podium.

Amplified by both Faces and EasyEquities, the increased prize pool ups the ante and resultant race prestige for both local and international elites. The first male and female over the line, or better put ‘across the final lagoon dash’, will win a whopping R70,000 each. But that’s not all; if the course record is shattered, Faces and EasyEquities will reward the trailblazing athlete with an additional R100,000. This stacks up to a potential prize purse of R170,000 for those elites aiming for record-breaking glory.

For those closely trailing the leaders, the second podium spot will be rewarded with R30,000, and the third will take home R15,000 in both the men’s and women’s races.

EasyEquities Executive, Carel Nolte, exudes excitement over this heightened reward structure: “Our commitment isn’t just in increasing the monetary prize. We’re also looking at fostering a sustainable financial future for these athletes through EasyEquities accounts. We envision supporting them long after they cross the finish line.

Reflecting on Toni McCann’s awe-inspiring record-setting run the previous year, Nolte continues, “Our faith remains unshaken that boundaries are meant to be surpassed. Teaming up with Faces, we’re elated to inspire the world’s best to chase after this tempting proposition.”

In a heart-warming final message to the participants, Carel concludes: “Whether you find yourself reveling in victory atop the podium, clinching a cash prize, or ‘merely’ conquering the trail itself – each step is a testament to your dedication and resilience. Best of luck and ‘kudos’ in advance for all those challenging themselves this year. I look forward to welcoming you home on the finish line.”

Faces extends its heartfelt gratitude to EasyEquities for their unwavering support in enhancing the stature of our South African trail running events. Mark the 7th of October in your calendar and join us in rallying behind a stacked field of exceptional athletes as they aim to break personal and course records in the pursuit of greater rewards at the 2023 Otter African Trail Run.

Ts and Cs – Winners must be EasyEquities account holders by Race Day on the 7th October 2023. If you have not yet registered your free EasyEquities account, you can easily do so here
50% of the prize money contributed by EasyEquities must be invested in an EasyEquities account until 1 October 2024, after which the winner is free to either withdraw or keep it invested.