Landmark Foundation – Leopard & Predator Project

The Crags – Update May 2012

The Landmark Foundation is conducting a camera trap survey in the area between Stormsriver and George as a part of their larger leopard corridor project to determine the status of the leopard population here. Working closely with Ingwe Forest Adventures in the Crags, we have completed the first phase of the survey, which started in October 2011. Initially there was minimal leopard activity, but we did pick a lot of other activity from bush pig, baboons, bushbuck, genets, honey badger and Cape clawless otters.

To date leopard were photographed at two camera trap stations, the first leopard photo was taken in the MTO Forestry area in January 2012, while more recently we got a beautiful shot in the Forest Hall area.

The next phase of the camera survey will begin in a few weeks by moving them to new locations to increase our sampled area. This camera trap survey forms part of the larger research project by Landmark, and this area has been identified as a very important corridor for leopards and other animal species to connect to one another. Our work will continue over the next year to ensure the results show a true indication of the leopard population status on the ground.

We are excited about the outcomes of this survey and many thanks go to all the sponsors and the continued support of this great community.
All the Otter African Trail Run Runners play a part by contributing to the awarding charitable donations to assist in the acquisition of cameras that are used to monitor wildlife traffic and establish wildlife corridors in the area

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Best wishes, Landmark Foundation – Leopard Team