Emma Rocks OTTER

Thanks to Buff® South Africa, international Buff® athlete Emma Roca is coming to rock the 2015 Otter African Trail Run, and will show South Africans a little bit about finding balance and living your passions.

Emma was born in Barcelona in 1973 and is now a married mother of three children with a degree in Biochemistry. Emma is a published author and offers lectures in topics ranging from team work to the biochemistry of an ultra-athlete’s body. She is also a professional fire fighter, specialising in search and rescue. Emma has taken part in triathlons, duathlons, mountain marathons, ski mountaineering and, adventure raids.

This year, Emma came 5th at the iconic Western States 100 miler, and will likely shake up the women’s race at Otter 2015.

Notable achievements in 2014:

1st at Transalpine Run (293km in 8 stages)
1st lady at Leadvile 100miler (161km) (8th overall)
1st lady at Cruce dels Andes, Xile-Argentina (3 day race)
1st lady at K42 Mallorca (47km)
1st lady UTBarcelona (100km)
4th lady at Transvulcania (74km)

This will be Emma’s first trip to the Grail of Trail; the Otter African Trail Run. The Otter offers a shorter distance than Emma may be used to, but varied and challenging terrain combined with breath taking views and indigenous flora and fauna. A woman to watch and learn from, Emma is the epitome of woman-power. Says Emma, “All the events I’ve taken part in (mountain marathons, ski mountaineering, adventure raids, ski touring, vertical kilometers) have helped me overcome, find boundaries that other surroundings won’t allow me to find, and as a result feel satisfied after a great race, raid, climb or descent from a summit. I’ve felt proud of myself when I’ve been able to overcome distances, inclines, technical difficulties, running, cycling, rowing…or, for example, when I climbed and came down from el Aneto from Benasque in 5 hours. But all these achievements weren’t to demonstrate to others my capabilities and abilities, but to realize what my full potential is; the limitless spirit to overcome, and to feel the personal satisfaction of finishing a tough event. The mountain tests you, finds you, and therein you discover yourself.”

We look forward to welcoming Emma Roca to Otter 2015.