Otter African Trail Partner SANParks

A Message from SANparks post 2020 African Otter Trail Run

“The Otter African Trail is an event that is very dear to our heart. It is one of a kind event. It is the only event of this nature in Africa, maybe even the entire world where a person can experience the splendours of what nature has to offer within such a beautiful, protected area. When the pandemic hit South Africa our beloved country, no one thought that we would ever utter the words African Otter Trail around 2020 but the organisers together with SANParks did our utmost best to make this event happen. Following stringent COVID-19 protocols, thinking out of the box and pulling together to make this event a reality certainly wasn’t easy but with such capable event organisers who respect the laws of this country, the regulations of COVID-19 and SANParks regulations – it made the planning process and the approval process so much easier. 

The respect for conservation and biodiversity that was shown by the organisers of this event is absolutely impeccable. We are proud to be in a relationship with Magnetic South and I do believe they are proud to be in a relationship with SANParks as well. This relationship is one that started off more than 10 years ago, and during the approach period when Mark (Collins) and team approached SANParks to organise the very first event, SANParks in turn said to the Magnetic South team that they will give them one chance and one chance only, and that one chance would make or break and also determine the future of this event. The team at Magnetic South took that one chance and here we are 12 years later still conducting a marvelous and supreme event. 

This relationship is very close to our hearts at SANParks and we would like to see it blossom even more in the future and grow to something much more spectacular than any event organiser has seen in South Africa. 

SANParks want to thank Magnetic South for the marvelous work that they have done during this very difficult time of COVID-19 pandemic by adhering to all necessary protocols and implementing some of the best COVID protocols we have ever seen. It was absolutely a great honour to be part of  and we look forward to engaging with Magnetic South again in future and we know that the Otter Trail Run will still take place for many, many years to come. We want to thank the participants over the event, the men and women who have trained so vigorously for something that shouldn’t have even happened in a time like this for their patience and for being conservationists in their own rights. Thank you Magnetic South and we wish you well for the planning of the next African Otter Trail of 2021.” 

Grant Grootboom, Hospitality Service Manager Tsitsikamma Section of Garden Route National Park.

Garden Route National Park