EasyEquities Commits to Long-term Otter Investment

The Otter African Trail Race is proud to announce the continuation of its partnership with EasyEquities as presenting partner for an additional three years. Both organisations share similar values and a passion for the racing community as well as the local community, making this partnership an ideal match.

The Otter African Trail Race is known for its spectacular 42-kilometer route that winds through the richly diverse Tsitsikamma Forest, traversing the pristine coastline between Storms River Mouth and Nature’s Valley. It takes a special kind of determination and grit to tackle this race, and as presenting partner, EasyEquities embodies these qualities with its ‘can do’ attitude. 

Like the Otter runners, EasyEquities is linked to the broader community and encourages personal growth and development in the context of a supportive community. This philosophy is reflected in their accessible investment options, where there are no barriers to entry – anyone can invest, whether it’s R100 or R1 000 000.

At least a quarter of their total staff complement will be joining us at this year’s event, either as a participant in the 42km Otter or the 10km Dassie. The group consists of both seasoned and returning runners of varying abilities, from podium finishers to cut-off chasers, and everything in between. EasyEquities is proud to elevate the experience of all athletes participating and match the prize money that Faces puts forward.

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with the Otter African Trail Race,” said Charles Savage, CEO of EasyEquities. “Our shared values of community, personal growth, and determination make this partnership a natural fit. We look forward to supporting all the runners, from the elite athletes to the first-timers.”

As a progressive organisation, Otter African Trail Race recognizes the importance of equality in sports, and they are committed to promoting gender diversity. “Women are going to be on the overall podium this year,” affirmed Carel Nolte, EasyEquities’ Chief Marketing Officer, who welcomed every single runner over the finish line last year. “The race attracts elite athletes from all over the world, and it’s no longer a male versus female competition, as seen by the record-breaking performance of Toni McCann in 2022, placing her 4th overall.”

Nolte attests, “EasyEquities is an investment platform – big deal!  But the heart of what we do is to empower people to be able to live their dreams and make the best of their lives. And the Otter is enabling us to do that.”

“We are grateful for the opportunity to play a role in this remarkable event, and we thank the Otter organisers and community for their continued partnership. EasyEquities wishes all the participants the best of luck for the 2023 event, and I personally look forward to seeing the determination and grit of all the runners partaking,” concluded Nolte.

The Otter African Trail Race is excited to continue on this journey with EasyEquities, with their shared values and commitment to the community making this partnership a perfect fit.