1st “UP” Run of the OTTER launched in CPT

Otter Launch

The inaugural Otter Run was staged in September 2009 in conjunction with the Southern Storm. The first Otter African Trail Run, Which attracted some of the best endurance athletes in Africa, was described by hardened trail runners as the “pinnacle of a life time spent pursuing outdoor endurance events”. In 2009, 80 participants completed the Otter Run as day two of the six day staged Southern Storm Duathlon.

In 2010 the OTTER was once again run in conjunction with the Southern Storm. In 2011 the OTTER became a stand-alone event: Otter Run (8 hours cut-off) and OTTER Ramble (11-hours cut-off). The Master Category (+50 years) was introduced and the race remained over-subscribed (400 runners) as it earned its position as the “Grail of Trail”.

2012 sees the first ever “UP” Otter Run as the direction of the OTTER will be turned around: The race starts in Nature’s Valley on the western side of the Tsitsikamma National Park, and the finish line will be at Stormsriver Mouth (Eastern Side). The nickname “RETTO” is OTTER spelt backwards.

Hi-Tec has sponsored the OTTER for 3 consecutive years. This year, GU joined them as co-presenting sponsor. Says Hi-Tec Marketing Manager Ian Little, “Technical aspects of this gruelling event offer the ideal platform for promotion of the growing range of outdoor adventure shoes offered by  Hi-Tec. Hi-Tec enjoyed prolific and highly visible branding of every element of this beautiful race, and we look forward to both supporting and participating in the 2012 event.”

With a full contingency of elite athletes, the professional backing and organisation of Magnetic South, support from SAN Parks as well as presenting sponsorship of Hi-Tec and GU and an impressive waiting list of entrants, the 2012 “RETTO” is all set to maintain its position as the “GRAIL OF TRAIL”

Some of the top athletes subscribed for the 2012 RETTO event include:

International Top Athletes:

Sebastian Chaigneau – FRANCE – voted best French Trail Runner 2009 + 2011
Anton Krupicka – American Ultra Runner
James Mc Mullan – UK Mountain Running Champion
Thomas Cornthwaite – UK Runner
Krissy Moehl – American Ultra Runner

South African Top Athletes:

Ryan Sandes – best Otter 04:40:15  (Otter Winner 2011)
Ian Don Wauchope –best Otter 04:49:05 (Otter Winner 2009)
Andre Gie – best Otter 04:48:53  (OTTER Winner 2010)
Bruce Arnett – best Otter 04:51:55
Greg Goodall – best Otter 04:54:32
John Collins – best Otter 04:56:43
Victor Gugushe  – best Otter 05:00:06
William Robinson – best Otter 05:14:00
Melikhaya Msizi – Otter ‘Rookie’

Sue Don Wauchope – best Otter 05:39:42 (OTTER Winner 2009 +2011)
Roelande Greyling – best Otter 05:47:02
Karoline Anna Hanks – Otter ‘Rookie’