2022 Otter Sealand Post

Sealand – The Official Otter African Trail Gear Partner

The Otter African Trail Run is excited to announce that Sealand has come onboard as our Official Gear Partner. 

Sealand was founded on the core principles of sustainability, which corroborates the Otter Green principle: to ensure that the near-pristine environment is better for you having participated.

Furthermore, all Sealand bags and apparel are handmade by valued crafts people, from waste or responsibly and ethically sourced materials. These materials are then combined with high-quality hardware, conscious design, and expert craftsmanship to create gears that will last a lifetime. The upcycled and responsibly sourced materials are sturdy and weather resistant, making Sealand the perfect Gear Partner for the Otter African Trail Run.

Thanks to Sealand, we’ve spruced things up for this year’s race registration bag. Every participant will receive a custom lightweight and weather resistant Upcycled Swish Tote, made by Sealand. Along with the custom Otter-branded Upcycled Swish Tote, Sealand has created a limited edition Otter bag range for your journey to protect our paths. The Rowlie Backpack, Dune Duffle Bag or Moon Bag leaves nothing to waste.

Official Otter African Trail backpack by Sealand
Official Otter African Trail Backpack, by Sealand

With ample space to hold adventure gear and trail accessories, the Sealand Rowlie Backpack is designed to sit snug on your back with adjustable, curved straps. Rowlie Backpacks are made from durable canvas and lined with upcycled advertising banners making every single bag unique.

Official Otter African Trail Moon Bag, by Sealand
Official Otter African Trail Moon Bag, by Sealand

Sealand’s Moon Bag is a functional classic, carefully designed to ensure that it is not only aesthetically pleasing but the perfect companion for day-to-day activities or while travelling. Each bag is handmade in Cape Town by one of our talented Sealand craftspeople and finished off with their personalised name badges.

Official Otter African Trail Duffel Bag, by Sealand

Weekend away with friends? Multi-day trail? Embrace the adventure with a Dune Duffel, offering the largest pack space of all our Sealand bags. Sealand gear is carbon neutral and made to last.