Tessa – Otter Finisher 08h04min15sec

Dear ALL at Magnetic South

This may be too soon to send as I know that most of the team will be out for the whole week on the Southern Storm, but I just wanted to take this moment now, fresh off the trail, to give some feed back on how incredible an even you put together.
When I first signed up for the race I hesitated momentarily at the entry fee, thinking it was steep for a one day race. Now I’m thinking it was hugely inexpensive for all that you offered us over the course of 2 nights and the day.You did everything so well, with such attention to detail and generosity.
The natural environment, although not designed or created by you, was obviously the cherry on the top, but I cannot imagine an event being better managed, better prepared and better executed. I believe that the astonishingly low pull-out rate is the best indicator of how successfully you pulled this off. I’ve no doubt far less challenging events have a far greater injury or pull-out rate than what you had on The Otter, but the sheer brilliance of your organisation limited this to a mere handful.
Congratulations all at Magnetic South. You are an events company extraordinaire and I’ll want to participate in as many events that you guys produce in the future. Thank your a truly unforgettable opportunity.
Kind Regards
Tessa van Schaik