Unveiling the Otter Portal

Elevate Your Trail Running Odyssey!

otter grail of trail

Embark on a Trailblazing Voyage with the Otter Portal!

Fellow trail aficionados! Brace yourselves for a leap into the future of trail running as we introduce the Otter Portal – a pathway to unlock your trail running potential like never before.

Experience “Final Results” Dashboard -
In the Palm of Your Hand

No longer just a vision, the Otter Portal brings your race day to life through our meticulously designed “Final Results” dashboard. Imagine, at your fingertips, the very pulse of the day’s race – all in real-time.
portal pursuit index

Introducing the Pursuit Index:
Forged in Trail Glory

Prepare to be stoked by the ingenious Pursuit Index – a benchmark that transcends traditional ranking paradigms, all from the palm of your hand. It’s not just another rank; it’s a symphony of your trail narratives, a fusion of three trail event triumphs, meticulously distilled into an emblematic pursuit score*.
*A lower score? A higher rank
pursuit index - This Index is the very essence of trail prowess, a testament to the pursuit of your best and an invitation to ascend to the zenith of trail running achievement.
my results

Showcasing “My Results” Dashboard

Your personal hub, your trailside companion. In an instant, access your live race progress, and key performance metrics. Witness your triumphs unfold as they happen, as if the trail itself is guiding you forward.
my results - instantly dig deeper into your results data made live on event. The share-able snapshot is just the next level

Get the best out of this web app user interface.

1. Register and go through the verification process

2. Login into the Otter Portal

3. Click on the share icon at the bottom of your mobile browser*

4. Scroll down and click on "add to home screen"

5. The Otter Portal web app icon you will then find accessible on your device

6. Login into the Otter Portal from your home screen will improve the experience

You're so welcome!