25 November 2021

Eligable Entrants | Past Participants, Premium and Corporates


2 December 2021

Entries open to all


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Otter Entry Process - 2 Phases

A maximum of only 500 entries are available for both events. A total of 250 entries each for the Otter Challenge and the Otter Race. Entries open in the following 2 phases in date order:

PHASE 1: Past Participants, Premium and Corporate Entries Open

Entries open for particpants of the 2021 Otter African Trail Run as well as the Premium Entries and Corporate Package (new). See details below

PHASE 2: Public Entries Open

Otter African Trail Run entries open for sale to the public on a first come first serve basis.

Past Participants

As per tradition, taking part in the 2021 Otter African Trail Run earns you the privilege of entering the following years Event ahead of the entries going public.

How to enter

A confirmation mailer will be going out to all Participants of Otter 2021 on Friday 19 November. This is the email address we have for you for our Otter correspondence. Upon logging in to our ticketing platform, Howler, on the 25th November, this email address will give you access to one Otter Entry for purchase for yourself. Please make sure you use this email address specifically and that you are logged in. (It should likely be linked to your profile on Howler already from last year).

Retto Edition - Race 
(9 hour cut-off)
R5 950


Retto Edition - Challenge 
(11 Hour cut-off)
R5 950


Otter Entry

Entry Package includes:

  1. Otter African Trail Run including SAN Parks permit and Conservation Fees
  2. Otter prologue
  3. Shuttle to the start
  4. Munchie Point @ halfway mark
  5. After race – finish line buffet lunch
  6. Award ceremony and dinner
  7. Event garment or item and goodie bag
  8. Race medal

Limited field

A cap of 250 entries is presented for each event. (Total 500 entries for both events)

Retto Edition - Race 
(9-hour cut-off)
R8 500 - Premium Entry


Retto Edition -  Challenge 
(11-hour cut-off)
R8 500 - Premium Entry


Otter Premium Entry


Includes the Otter Entry benefits plus the following:

  1. Guaranteed entry to the Otter - Retto Edition 2022 (no waiting list if entries are sold out)
  2. Priority registration and prologue (no queues)
  3. Reserved premium seat at briefing and prize giving ceremony
  4. Race shirt – official race shirt that can be worn with the Otter bib
  5. Otter premium goodie bag
  6. Complimentary massage
  7. Complimentary drink at registration and on race day

Retto Edition - Race
(9-hour cut-off)
R50 000 = 5 Entries


Retto Edition - Challenge 
(11-hour cut-off)
R50 000 = 5 Entries


Otter Corporate Package


Package of 5 Entries, each including the Otter Entry benefits plus the following:

  1. 5 entries are each eligible for 2 free changes (or fully transferable - but not deferrable) up until 1 month prior to the event
  2. Conservation & SANParks permit
  3. Prologue
  4. Munchie Point
  5. After Race finish line buffet
  6. Awards Ceremony & Dinner
  7. Event Garment or goodie bag item
  8. Race medal
  9. Priority Registration and Prologue (no queues)
  10. Reserved seats at Briefing and Prize giving
  11. Reserved table at Awards dinner
  12. Official Race Shirt
  13. Team/Company Logos on all shirts, caps
  14. Otter Premium Goodie Bag
  15. Otter Cap
  16. Complimentary massage
  17. Complimentary Drink at registration
  18. Private walk on the trail with selected elite athletes on Prologue day

Otter Charity Donations

Upon entry you may select to donate to our Otter Supported Charities or towards an Angel entry.


It is no secret that much of Africa’s immense sporting potential is trapped by circumstances. Participating in the gala events remains beyond the means of some of our countries most deserving trail runners. Enabling the dream of a worthy athlete of participating in the Grail of Trail can one of the most rewarding aspect to one’s own Otter Run journey. The Angel Entry Fund Donation makes it possible. 

Donations of any amount are hugely appreciated. Available from as little as R 100 up to the generosity of a full entry + accommodation and meals at R 7400

The following benefits for the underprivileged athlete:

  1. All the standard race package benefits included
  2. All meals included (pre-race dinner, pre-race breakfast box, finish line after-race lunch, awards dinner.
  3. The donated entry includes basic tented accommodation (athlete to please bring your own sleeping bag)

Note that the organizers allocate the donated entry associated with the Angel Entry at their discretion to a list of nominees.


Wilderness Conservation, Sustainability and inclusivity are integral to The African Otter trail Runs core ethos. To this end the Otter supports the critical work the Natures Valley Trust does in constructively engaging all stake holders in the area. We also support upliftment projects in the Covie Community.


Otter Waiting List


Waiting list

What exactly is the Priority List?

The priority lists for the Otter African Trail Run is for persons wishing to increase their chances of obtaining an entry for these events by registering on these lists and thereby being afforded the opportunity to enter before online entries open to the public but does not guarantee obtaining an entry. Registration on the Priority List costs R250 which will be donated to the event nominated charity. Priority List entries are done online and are treated on a first-come basis. Persons registered on the Priority List that are not successful in obtaining an online entry will automatically be transferred onto the waiting list

How it works

Persons unsuccessful in obtaining an entry online may register on the waiting list that will open as soon as the entries are sold out. Registration on the waiting list costs R225.

Once a month (dependent on cancellations) the Waiting List members will be invited to enter the Otter African Trail Run along with all other waiting list ticket holders to purchase an entry on a first come basis. This means that every person on the waiting list will experience a fair chance to snatch an entry, rather than a first in, first out process. The faster you purchase an available entry on the day, the higher your chances. Members unsuccessful on entering will be kept on the Waiting List for future openings.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

Event Cancellation

In the event of inclement weather, economic, or any other external forces that are out of control of the race organisers, the organisers may decide to change the course to a safer alternative course or cancel the event entirely. Such a decision will only be made in the interest of participant safety. If the event is cancelled, no refunds will be possible.

As most of the expenses incurred in staging this event are committed to in advance, refunds are only possible well in advance or when a replacement can be found. The following rules apply:

  • Full payment is required on entry
  • 85% on your full order will be refunded if an entry is cancelled in writing on or before 15 April 2022
  • 65% on your full order will be refunded if an entry is cancelled in writing on or before 15 July 2022
  • After 15 July 2022 refunds will only apply if these entries can be substituted from the waiting list. Please note that these possible refunds will only be made after completion of the event
  • No refunds or waiting list substitutions from 25 August 2022
  • No refunds on Waiting List entries
  • Deferrals are not permitted
  • Accommodations, Mealtickets, and Bloukrans Hike are eligible for the same % refunds as above. Race Shirts however are only eligible until the 15 July 2022. You can also choose to keep or reallocate these additions to another athlete. 



The Otter African Trail events do not permit athletes to substitute an entry on their own. Entries will have to be returned to the organisers and refunded according to the refund policy*. Returned entries will only be made available to athletes on the waiting list.

*PREMIUM ENTRIES are under the general Refunds & Cancellation Policy, but allow for only 1 substitution to another athlete on their own.

**CORPORATE PACKAGE all 5 entries are each eligible for 2 free changes (or fully transferable - but not deferrable) up until 1 month prior to the event