Route detail

Retto Route runs West to East


The Retto Start is at Nature's Valley

All event athletes will be transported to the starting point at Nature's Valley. There are 3 cut-off points en route where participants failing to arrive on time will be removed from the course.
Otter Trail Route

TrailFactor of 2.0

The TrailFactor indicates the degree of increased resistance applied by the trail on a runner when compared to a flat conventional road running course. A TrailFactor of 2.0 means completing the Otter can take twice as long as the equivalent distance on road!

Otter Trail Route

Four River Crossings

There are four rivers that have to be crossed, including the infamous Bloukrans River which involves a swim. We will have safety personnel and equipment set up only at Bloukrans to assist and make sure you safely cross this segment.

Otter Trail Route Image Otter Trail Route

2,600m Elevation Gain

A total gain of over 2,600m over full route, including ±7,000 ascending steps. Steep enough to force the strongest runners to walk.

Otter Trail Route

Eleven Significant Climbs and Descents

There are eleven climbs of more than 50m elevation gain with 3 climbs exceeding 100 meters.

Pace Yourself

6 Safety Checkpoints

The pace chart and pace bracelets provided will help you keep track of your targeted finishing time and will help you to stay ahead of all six cut-off points. 

Pace Chart