The Dassie

Shorter. Faster. Still Tough and Technical. Meet the 10km Dassie and 6km Dassie RockRat

Join The Otter vibe

Dassie 10km Trail Run: Entry fee R240 pp*

RockRat 6km Trail Run: Entry fee R200 pp*

Whether you choose to run the DASSIE or the ROCKRAT – be assured – every step over rocks, roots, pebbles, through riverbeds and up steep climbs is worth the effort – racing through the most pristine indigenous forests will offer fantastic views to the River Mouth and the Ocean and will let every trail runners’ heart jump of joy. The Dassie and Dassie Rockrat are perfect for athletes who:

  • want to be part of South Africa’s most competitive trail run;
  • want to be there when world class athletes cross the OTTER finish line;
  • are friends and family of an OTTER athlete and are keen to get active without missing their OTTER heroes finish;
  • want to run, but are not ready for the OTTER;
  • wanted to run the OTTER, but didn’t manage to get an entry;
  • simply love the trails!


  • Saturday 12 October 2019
  • Registration: 7:00am Start: 8:30am
  • Natures Valley, De Vasselot Campsite
  • Dassie: 10km
  • Rockrat: 6km

*Due to Foreigners Sanparks conservation fee policy R110 pp fee will be added to all non SA Id / Passports.