⦁ Global Satellite Africa to provide tracking support to the Otter African Trail Run 2018, equipping the top 40 elite runners, as well as event logistical vehicles, with SPOT satellite tracking devices
⦁ Otter African Trail Run marks the Grand Final of the Golden Series 2018
⦁ Otter African Trail Run is a marathon distance race taking place from 17- 20 October 2018 from Nature’s Valley to Storm’s River South Africa over the renowned Otter Trail

Cape Town, South Africa, August 27, 2018 – Globalstar Satellite Africa, a subsidiary of Globalstar, Inc. (NYSE American: GSAT) and the sole provider of SPOT in southern Africa, announced today that they will be sponsoring the tracking of the Elite Runners at the 2018 Otter African Trail Run. The elite field, including Christiaan Greyling, Marc Lauenstein, Kane Reilly and Meghan Mackenzie, will carry a small, lightweight, SPOT Gen3® satellite tracking and safety device to allow followers to track the race through the rough and out-of-cellular-range route. All runners will have the opportunity to hire a device through OtterShop : prior to the race so loved ones at home may follow their progress as well as have emergency response at the tip of their fingers should the need arise.

This year the Otter African Trail run marks the Grand Final for the 2018 Golden Series and takes place from 17 20 October 2018 starting in Nature’s Valley and finishing at Storm’s River Mouth . With 42 kilometres distance and 2600 meters of elevation gain, this race forces even the strongest of runners to walk and with a TrailFactor of 2.0, the Otter can take twice as long as the equivalent distance on road. Rugged, rough, off-the-grid and being beyond cellular range makes this the perfect environment to use SPOT’s satellite-based technology. As the race status was previously limited to checkpoints, SPOT devices will now enable followers to track the race at 5 minute intervals, increasing supporter experience and providing insight about the location of participants for emergency response should it be needed.

Belen Sanchez, Event Director for The Otter African Trail Run commented, “SPOT is the benchmark when it comes to race management due to its satellite based tracking in remote areas. It is a cutting edge tool for organisers to monitor the exact progress of their participants as well as track the whereabouts of their resources in terms of logistics, media and safety personal and vehicles. SPOT exponentially increases the speed and effectiveness of emergency response while significantly reducing the amount of personal required to provide a responsible level of safety and emergency support for a remote event. Being reliant on satellite coverage, not cellular, means it is nearly 100% reliable and opens up a broad range of remote areas that can be effectively managed from an event perspective. SPOT also enables the public to follow a remote event through regular coverage. This dramatically increases the level of interest that can be generated bringing sports that previously were hard to follow or understand to global audiences. This exponentially increases the value of the event property.”
SPOT is no stranger to the trail running vertical; recently having tracked Ryan Sandes and SPOT Ambassador Ryno Griesel’s adventure to traverse and beat the Fastest Known Time for The Great Himalaya Trail. Other trail ambassadors and regular contenders in the Otter African Trail Run include Rory Scheffer, Naomi Brand and Marzelle van de Merwe. Rory Scheffer, a top 10 finisher in the 2016 and 2017 races, commented. “Having SPOT on board as the tracking partner for the event is amazing! Now our supporters get to follow us along the whole route and follow the race closely. Due to the remoteness of the race and lack of access, supporters never got a chance to see the race unfold. Now they get to be a part of the action.”

“We are proud to provide support to the Otter African Trail Run this year especially as it forms the Grand Final for the Golden Series. The beautiful remote and rugged terrain of the Otter Trail is the perfect playing ground for our devices which use satellite technology, which is not reliant on cellular coverage, to transmit tracking and emergency messaging to followers. Supporter’s viewing experience and runner’s safety will increase considerably,” commented Deborah Fourie, Marketing Manager of Globalstar Satellite Africa.

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