2020 Otter Men Winners

Pere Aurell, the new 2020 Otter Champion

Congratulations to Pere Aurell, the new 2020 OTTER Champion. Visiting South Africa for the first time from Spain, Pere started conservatively, aware that the first half was fast and runnable and choosing to conserve some energy in the legs for the second half which is much more technical, but his preferred type of trail.

Pere Aurell, the new 2020 OTTER Champion

His race strategy paid off, and he reeled in a 6min gap in the second half to catch the leaders, picking them off one at a time. He overtook Johardt van Heerden mere kilometres before the finish, and despite having nothing left in his legs, let adrenalin and that hunger for the top spot on the podium do the rest. 

Pere Aurell, the new 2020 OTTER Champion

Pere crossed the line just 20 seconds ahead of Johardt, the closest finish in the history of the Men’s RETTO race. The gap was so close Pere had to look back several times on the final stretch to the finish. 
He crossed the line in a time of 04:03:30, with Johardt clocking a new South African RETTO record in a time of 04:03:50. Kane Reilly, no stranger to the Otter, finished third in a time of 04:11:07. 

An incredible performance by the top three men in this year’s race.