life of the otter trail

The Otter’s Creatures

Alexander Smith #environs

Very few coasts harbour a saturnian wildlife like The Otter Trail.  In fact, its noiseless greenery will speak to runners of the life in and around them, while traversing between the living rock and the pounding waves. The trail’s home …

2022 Training Camp by Alpasfit

Train for Otter camp by Alpasfit

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Training for Otter is back You’ll spend the day being guided by previous Otter champions. Between our workshop, biokinetics practical and simulation run, you’ll be leaving nothing to chance. Details:  Where: Muratie Wine Farm, StellenboschWhen: Saturday, 9 July 2022Cost: R1850 Sign up: …

The Otter’s Life-Giver

Alexander Smith #environs

The greatest maternal force – the ocean – is undeniably what gives the Otter its position, between the forests and the foam. Those who know that their heritage depends on the sea; we, the champions of this trail, realise the …

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A Geological Run-Through

Alexander Smith #environs

Underestimation is a price to those who have yet to undertake the great environment of the Otter Trail’s rocky terrain.   The experience of veteran Otter Trail runners echoes along the rocks of the coastline with extreme durability, forming an oceanic …