Garmin Joins Otter African Trail Run

Garmin Joins Otter African Trail Run as the Official Device Partner for 2021

BREAKING NEWS: With just two months to go to the Otter African Trail Run, South Africa’s trail running benchmark, we are excited to announce that Garmin is joining the team as our official device partner for 2021! 

As a leading provider of navigational tools, Garmin knows that no two trail runners are the same and offers devices with a wide variety of innovative features from an easy-to-use GPS trainer or a device with on-board music storage, to something a little more progressive with advanced performance metrics, GPS satellite navigation and long-lasting battery life for ultra-long runs. Garmin wearables are built to last and will be part of your trail running journey as you tackle adventure after adventure.

Belen Sanchez, Otter African Trail Run managing director says that it’s an honour to partner with such a prestigious brand.

“Garmin’s range of sport and fitness products are perfect for training and racing and make it easier and safer to get out and enjoy the trails throughout the year. Garmin ambassadors Landie and Christiaan Greyling used Garmin products to create our Otter Training Program and we can’t recommend the brand strongly enough.”

Otter winner Landie Greyling says that she has a close relationship with her Garmin Fenix 6s Solar.

“I use many of the features on a daily basis and I love the female-specific style, which means I can wear it with any outfit. It’s my best training partner, allowing me to see all my scheduled workouts. I also use it to monitor my resting heart rate to give me a heads up of any illness or overtraining. Since it features a built-in barometer, the navigation is spot-on and all the elevations on my runs are recorded with great accuracy – a very handy feature for any mountain athlete.”

“I like my Garmin Fenix 6x Sapphire because it’s my training partner,” says Christiaan Greyling, another Otter winner. “It doesn’t only monitor what I do, but also plays a big role in planning what I’m going to do. Together with my coach Alpasfit, I schedule every workout onto TrainingPeaks and train according to my heart rate zone at a comfortable pace. It’s also a safety tool because I use it for navigation and sometimes only have the red line to depend on when I’m in a complete white-out on a mountain.”

Jeann Steyn, Sponsorship Coordinator for Garmin Southern Africa explained that Landie and Christiaan Greyling have been an integral part of the Garmin family for many years and have also participated in the Otter event several times. “For years the team has spoken with admiration about the reputable event and the dedication and hard work it requires to be the best at the Otter,” says Jeann. “Garmin is excited to be part of the 2021 Otter African Trail Run as the official device partner. It gives Garmin the opportunity to support the local event industry in South Africa, while also engaging with our local trail running community. This year we’ll showcase to this community why with Garmin you can #DoWhatYouLoveLonger!”

Entries for the 13th edition of the Otter African Trail Run are sold out. If the event has to be cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions athletes will be offered a 100% refund of their entry fee.