Otter Challenge – Live 10 Oct

Sub 11 hour 

If you would like to track a single athlete, please select the link next to their Name or Surname in the list below. This will open their Map My Tracks Profile and then you can select the Map (“Current Activity”) at the bottom of the page to view the Live Tracking.


Last First Link
Abrahamse Brett
Anderson Graham
Annandale Emile
Annandale Bell Amanda
Baartman Ebert
Bauer Dean 
Berning Anel
Berrington Elize
Black Dawn
Boehmke Anita
Boezaart Marcel
Booyens Leon 
Botha Christoffel
Brink Christiaan
Brown Emma
Brown Justin
Buckham Jean
Chaney Clifford
Cilliers Johanet
Clark Daryn
Cockcroft Estee
collett andrew
Conradie Friedrich 
Daffue Johannes
Davidson Jason
de Bree Dean 
De Jager Kobus 
De Klerk Anton
De Kock Ludolf
de Zeeuw Christopher
Dierks Alexander
Dijkstra Hessel
Drogemoller Linda
du Plessis Jean-P
du Plessis Johannes P 
Du Toit  Elsa
Ellis Esmerelda 
Folscher Lindy-L 
Ghemo Angela
Goulding Lauren
Greyling Gerry 
Hattingh Ernst
Hedding Kirsty
Henning Heinrich
Henry Eric Craig
Herselman Eduard
Honiball Ewalt
HOPS Alastair
Ingledew Chelsea-A
Jeffery Justin
Jones Berita
Joubert Catharina
Kaufmann Dirkie
KELLY  Georgie 
Khan  Farhad 
Kriegler Johan
Lindeque Elnelia
Lindeque Ignatius
Linnell Geoff 
Lombard Lisette
Louw Anja
Louw Gideon
Luck Eugenie
McGill Clive
Meiring Louis
Meyer Esias 
Mitchell Brad 
Muirhead Carol
Muller Drikus
Muller Julia
Nelson Brad
Oelschig Dean
Olds Alexis
Pearse Ben
Peck Jeanine
Pennell Lisa
Pienaar Arthur
Pienaar Johannes F 
Prinsloo Johan 
Ramokoka Clement
Randeree Ismail
Reynolds Andrew
Roberts Brian
Roos Kyle
Roux Con
Sacks Jonty 
Sadek Ismail 
Sander Darrel
Schmidt Daniel
Schroeder Julian 
Schutte Christiaan
Shepherd Leigh
Slabbert Devan
Snyckers magda
Stewart Amie
Swarts Justin
Taylor Benita
Trollip Bridgette
Tucker Andrea
Tudorich Danielle
Underwood Anita
Van coller Helena
Van Der Merwe Hannes
van der Watt Christelle
van Eeden Elizabeth
van Hemert Linda
van Huyssteen Hendrik
van Nieker Helena
van Tonder Danie
van Wyk Kruger
Venturi Fabrizio
Wessels Elize
Wessels Hermann
Wiid Gary
Wright Andrew
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