Recovery is Key!


Recovery is key!
Quality ingredients are the cornerstone of GU products; and GU Recovery Brew relies on Whey Protein Isolate — not cheaper Whey Protein Concentrate — to create a higher quality and more effective recovery product.

Did we mention taste? Say goodbye to grainy, chalky, salty and smelly.  GU’s Recovery Brew reinvents the category with a highly effective product that actually tastes good.  Can anyone say “Choc Smoothie“!?

For optimal results, remember to drink 500 -700 ml of GU Recovery Brew in the 30 minutes directly after training or racing.
This is the optimal window period in which the body takes up Carbohydrates to refill Glycogen stores depleted during trail running, and Protein to repair muscles like your downhill-hammered quads, faster than usual.

This ensures that the GU Recovery Brew goes to work as it should, helping you recover faster and feel fresher for your next trail run.

For more info on the GU Recovery Brew range, be sure to visit the GU Energy Labs SA website.