Mazu Ndandani, Otter finisher, 05:28:23

What a joy!!!

I would like to say thank you for the sponsorship to tackle the beautiful and technical Otter.  Indeed, this trail is one in a million.  I really enjoyed myself out there. I gave it my very best short (16th position) and there is room for improvement.  Not going to make excuses about the setbacks I experienced through the run as many participants also struggled but still managed to get to the finish line.  Without you guys I would not have been able to witness and experiment the joy of taking part in this unique race.

Organisation from day one was top class.  Volunteers kept us excited and I really felt at home during the three days I spent in Plat.  People like Matty, Christine, the Collins brothers e.t.c deserve a pat in the back.Well done, guys.  People I spoke to up here in Gauteng are now keen in taking part in this iconic trail race.  Will definitely come back better prepared next year. Maybe bring Takalane (wife) with.


Mazu Ndandani