John Brimble, Ramble Finisher in 09:33:47

Mark and all those magic Magnetic South team

I apologise for this tardy note of thanks. It should have happened two weeks ago.
However many, many thanks for a brilliantly organised event. A measure of a truly great organisation is how it , or the team , responds when things goes wrong , or pear shaped. You ,and your team ,were magnificent that Sunday. You all rose too the occasion like true champions .
To be honest , I also admire your balls to carry on. I doubt I’d have done the same under the circumstances. We actually had the easy part.
The evening presentations , music , and food , was just the perfect end to a truly awesome day.
Please thank all the sponsors. They are really appreciated for what they add to the whole event.
I might add they are associated with a awesome, professional , and talented team in yourselves … and this will undoubtedly reflect on the perception of their product. [ I have both my son – running, and wife – swimming , using GU ] Years ago [ like a hundred odd !!! ] I worked for Sportsman Warehouse in Rondebosch . Hi Tech were then seen as the entry level sports shoe.With good price levels
Now I’d view them as a seriously competitive sports shoe, wide range across the full sports spectrum, quality, and still highly price effective .
Please thank Ian for his support.
I wear my Buff with pride. My mountain climbing friends think I am now far too Larney to climb with them… they are simply jealous.
Need I say I now fly Kulula.. ..very chuffed I managed to beat the boss man!!
Once again – to you , the quite lovely Christine, Matty and Belea , and your boet, Colin and all the others. Thanks for giving us all, and especially myself ,such an inspiring adventure and with such superb organisation…… your Mom would be proud 🙂
as ever, John Brimble