Joe, Otter Finisher 9h55min27sec

Hi Christine first of all congrats to Mark, Amanda and all of you on a brilliantly successful event.  The Otter was simply fantastic, and everyone MOST impressed by the organization.

Just one comment re cut off times (I can’t access the survey, so don’t know if this topic is covered in it). As one of the oldest Otter runners this year I realize I am biased re cut off times, but in my opinion if you are going to accept entries from older runners like us, a 9 hour cut-off, on such a technical route, is just too tough.

It is worth comparing finishing and cut off times in other ultras and endurance events; for example in Comrades the ratio of cut-off (12 hours) to expected winners time (about 5:30) is 2.18. In the Two Oceans the figure is almost identical (7 hours vs 3.10, ratio 2.22) and in standard marathons it is the same (5 hours vs 2:15, ratio 2.22. Of course I realize the Otter is different, in fact unique: but if you apply the same argument, the cut off should be 11 hours, not 10..!!

Also, I have to say that although my running mate John Brimble and I were slow in the Otter this year, we didn’t waste time. We could have run it faster, but not by very much. And we are not slow by average standards. John has a 2:26 marathon to his credit, plus 10 or more Oceans silver medals out of 30 – seriously fast! My own record is not nearly so distinguished, but I think you get my point. I would strongly urge you to keep the Otter cut off at 10 hours – or more. If the race is run in September there are enough daylight hours in the day, and if you want to avoid the problem of runners being caught out by darkness all you have to do is enforce the exit-point cut offs more strictly.

To put it more poetically – “The race is not only to the swift, nor the battle to the strong.” Please keep the Otter cut off at 10 hours!

Well done again on a really wonderful event

Best wishes,Joe Tyrrell