A Geological Run-Through

A Geological Run-Through

Underestimation is a price to those who have yet to undertake the great environment of the Otter Trail’s rocky terrain.  


The experience of veteran Otter Trail runners echoes along the rocks of the coastline with extreme durability, forming an oceanic mist of encouragement for the runners of this trail to blaze through with an expectation of champagne-gold. 

The running experience of this rocky terrain pronounces its trail’s difficulty, engraving the runners’ brows with sweat. Each foot must be so precisely placed in its stride to yield maximum balance between the assemblage of different types of coastal rock, establishing the perfect pace.

The quartzitic sandstone races through the Otter Trail as the most erosion-resistant and hardest rock of the ‘Cape Supergroup’, giving runners of this trail a particularly strenuous layer to navigate across. 

Colour variations of black and white granite sprint with the runners from the beginning of the trail to its end, reminding them of its ancient geological environment and sharing with them the secrets of earth-old endurance and ruggedness. 

The cliffs which keep the sculpting water at bay will bring runners to the overwhelming lookout point of Skilderkrans – a solid quartz outcrop that holds runners like a colossal crystal. This beautiful rock stretches all the way down for kilometres into the turquoise water like the fingers of a god. 

The Grail of Trail is a rocky race to reckon with.