Forecasts determine kit

Compulsory kit on the day

Otter Bib or Shirt

Bibs are provided at registration and have to be worn on the outside of your gear at any stage of the trail or prologue.

Otter Shirts

Branded shirts may be purchased to wear instead of the Otter bib. The Otter shirt is a technical garment and can be ordered during the entry process. Shirts will be personalised with your race number. If you wish to wear a rain jacket (or similar) over the shirt then an Otter bib must be worn on the outside.

Personal Gear Sponsors

Sponsored athletes have the option to include a sponsor logo on their Otter shirt. Logos must be submitted to the race office in 1-colour in a vector file (eps, pdf, ai)

In Extreme Circumstances

Kit is not worn and carried just to look the part (although we agree, trail running kit is pretty cool), it is to keep you safe and could, in extreme circumstances, save your life. This is why we are so serious about compulsory kit and why we use weather condition forecasts to determine the kit items required to be carried by all participants. The race director will announce the predicted weather level 12 & 2 hours before the start.

Compulsory Kit - Level 1

Fine, mild, hot but dry


Recommended Kit - Level 1

Compulsory Kit - Level 2

Cool and/or wet


Recommended Kit - Level 2

Compulsory Kit - Level 3

Cold, wet and/or windy


Recommended Kit - Level 3

Compulsory Kit - Level 4

Very cold, and/or heavy rain


If conditions higher than Level 3 are predicted all kit required for Level 3 is compulsory.

In this case the official race will not take place,  parts of the course will be rerouted & time delays should be expected.

Cancelled Event - Level 5

High winds, flooding and/or violent storm conditions with dangerously high seas.